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  • Blue Plate Special

    Feb 17, 17 • News, ProjectsNo Comments
    Blue Plate Special

    Playwright CAT CROWLEY Composer NATE WEIDA Director ANNIE TIPPE An exuberantly queer ‘50s doo-wop musical featuring a gang of greaser butches and a drag diner waitress. Ars Nova Cast – Preston Martin, Cat Crowley, Lindsay Rico, MJ Rodriguez, Zachary Infante, Sam Gonzalez, Julia Bray, Katie Looney, Anthony Murphy...

  • Boats And

    Feb 16, 17 • Music, ProjectsNo Comments
    Boats And

    Written by ANDREW FARMER Directed by ANDREW NEISLER Music & Lyrics by NATE WEIDA What adventure are you in for? Epic stillness, inanimate objects, many actors. Weida’s affecting, oddball tunes match with Farmer and Neisler’s deliriously deadpan spin on what’s left behind when the world ends. About the show: Humans have been wiped out and [&hellip...

  • Byuioo (A Gibberish Musical)

    Jun 12, 12 • Projects1 Comment
    Byuioo (A Gibberish Musical)

    Pipeline Theatre Company, in association with Judson Arts, presents BYUIOO In the distant future nature has reclaimed New York City. Humans are scarce, but those who remain have survived by banding together. Packs have created their own languages, families, and religions. But one has lost something unifying, something defining, something beautiful. Byuioo is a joyful [&hellip...

  • I’s Twinkle

    Jun 10, 12 • ProjectsNo Comments
    I’s Twinkle

    I’s Twinkle I’s Twinkle is an epic poem modeled after Dante’s Divine Comedy in its three parts, telling the story of a young man growing up in Reconstruction Era America—an artist figure who travels from the South northward. The style of the work gradually progresses from an epic poem to a play to a folk [&hellip...

  • Great Dog Almighty

    Jun 9, 12 • ProjectsNo Comments
    Great Dog Almighty

    Great Dog Almighty A small squadron of southern charm, Great Dog Almighty is a bluegrass collective that fuses together a love for history, poetry, and banjo. Featuring the talents of John Bennett, Nate Weida, and Emil McGloin, these Appalachian-inspired tunes strike a unique, soothing blend of backwood entertainment. Great Dog Almighty was first featured in [&hellip...

  • The New Hopeville Comics (2001, 2002, 2009)

    Jun 9, 12 • ProjectsNo Comments
    The New Hopeville Comics (2001, 2002, 2009)

    The New Hopeville Comics is a rock opera about a comic book town struggling to survive after the death of their superhero ‘Perfect Man’. Developed in Greensboro NC and performed in the New York International Fringe Festival in 2002 and in New York again in 2009 at the Chernuchin Theatre. ***** 2009 Cast of The [&hellip...

  • Stuntnuts

    Jun 9, 12 • ProjectsNo Comments

    The New York City based band began in Durham, NC. Emil McGloin & Nate Weida wrote and played music together while managing a small bar...

  • Halloween Oates (2011)

    Jun 8, 12 • ProjectsNo Comments
    Halloween Oates (2011)

    Nate Weida and Emil McGloin are Halloween Oates in 2011 @ Union Hall Starring – Emil McGloin as John Oates and Nate Weida as Daryl Hall with – John Bennett and Aaron Phillips on Backup Vocals Aaron Thurston on drums – Ian Riggs on Bass Fulfilling their promise, after years of teasing and threatening to [&hellip...

  • Etan (1998)

    Jun 8, 12 • ProjectsNo Comments
    Etan (1998)

    Etan –  by Nate Weida, is a Hamlet-based opera about a boy in high school coming to terms with his parents divorce and desire to be an actor. As a student, Nate Weida became the only non-faculty member to receive the Artistic Excellence Award by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education as a result of [&hellip...

  • Commander Squish (1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007)

    Jun 8, 12 • Music, ProjectsNo Comments
    Commander Squish (1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007)

    The campy musical about a charming knight in shining armor with his painfully shy sidekick. Performed every other year as an improv workshop or farce of itself. Equal in parts, bawdy, cheesy, and impressive depending mostly on the sobriety of its cast members on any given night. A cult classic. * Originally Performed at Carrboro [&hellip...