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Commander Squish (1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007)

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The campy musical about a charming knight in shining armor with his painfully shy sidekick. Performed every other year as an improv workshop or farce of itself. Equal in parts, bawdy, cheesy, and impressive depending mostly on the sobriety of its cast members on any given night.

A cult classic.

* Originally Performed at Carrboro ArtsCenter 1996 (Music By Nate Weida Script by Christopher Allen and Nate Weida)

Directed by Christopher Allen

Starring: Scott Speiser as Commander Squish / William Day as The Pageboy / Barbara Brown Wilson as The Princess / Needham Atkins as The Narrator / Rudy Drakeford as The Preacher / Molly Quinn as Sarah / Boise Holmes as The Stranger / Audra Smith as The Dead Grandmother / Jonathan Levy as Runt & Messenger Boy

Band: Justin Ansley on Drums / Simon Fink on Guitar / Sam Grossman on Bass / Nate Weida on keyboard / Andrew Owens on Trumpet / Jonathan Levy on additional percussion

“Off We Go” performed by Needham Atkins, Scott Speiser, William Day


* Performed again at Haynes Auditorium in Chapel Hill in 1997 (with same company)


* Performed again at UNCG School of Music Recital Hall in 2000

Starring: Drew Parker as Commander Squish / Stuart Spencer as The Pageboy / Andrea Evans as The Princess / Thomas Nevels as The Stranger / David Parnell as The Narrator / Christina Bell as Sarah

Band: Brett Parnell on Guitar / Emily Blacklin McCord on Violin / Will Postlethwait on Bass

* Performed again at MacDougal Middle School in 2003

Starring: Tim Matson as Commander Squish / Creighton Irons as The Pageboy / Ashley Adamek as The Princess / Fred Rice as The Preacher / Miles Masci as The Narrator / Dayci Brookshire as Sarah / Kelen Coleman as The Dead Grandmother

Band: Dan Datiles on Drums / Emil McGloin on Guitar / Ronnie Cruz on Bass / Nate Weida on Piano

* Performed again at 45th Street Theatre in NY in 2007

Directed by Michael Ferrell
Starring: Ben Beckley as Commander Squish / William Day (reprising his role) as The Pageboy / Coleen Huley as Sarah / Carolyn Cole as The Princess / Ian Merrigan as The Stranger / Trevor Vaughn as The Narrator & Preacher / Andy Stewart as Runt

Band: Emil McGloin on Guitar / Jonathan Levy on Drums / Ben Lee on Guitar & Banjo / Nate Weida on Piano

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