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Etan (1998)

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Etan –  by Nate Weida, is a Hamlet-based opera about a boy in high school coming to terms with his parents divorce and desire to be an actor. As a student, Nate Weida became the only non-faculty member to receive the Artistic Excellence Award by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education as a result of this show.

Music and Lyrics by Nate Weida, Narrations written by Bill Cochran, Additional Lyrics by Justin Ansley

Etan Cast of 1998 –  Shem Bartner-Aaron, Emily Blacklin McCord, Carmen Bocenegra, Laurie Breeden, Barbara Brown Wilson, Phil Brubaker, Cassie Cherney, Bill Cochran, Robin Conley, Anne-Caitlin Procopio, Jonathan Fischolff, Ben Gear, Jessica Hatfield, Mandy Jones, Jonathan Karpinos, Justin Karpinos, Q. Knight, Benjamin Kudler, Ben Michael, Mariana Pereira, Chris Provan, Micah Sherman, Andrew Smith, David Spenser

Band – Justin Ansley (drums), Nick Rowe (guitar), Andrew Shetler (bass), Nate Weida (piano), Inchull Lee (keyboard)

Etan bowing Nate Weida

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