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Fall of Achilles (2000)

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A commission from East Chapel Hill High School as an opening of their new auditorium. Fall of Achilles is a collaboration of book and lyrics with friend Jon Karpinos set as a farcical high school production of a musical based on Homer’s Iliad. Originally performed with a 70 person cast and 24 piece orchestra.

Story and Music by Nate Weida
Music Orchestration by Nate Weida and Stephen Lytle
Script and Lyrics by Jonathan Karpinos and Nate Weida

Directed By Theresa Grywalski
Music Director – Desiree Davis
Conducted by Stephen Lytle

Additional Lyrical Assistance by Andrew Owens, Justin Karpinos, and Nick Lyons
Full Socre Arrangements by Stephen Lytle
Guitar Arrangements by Brett Parnell
Guitar solo in Diomedes Dance – Chip Newton


Creighton Irons – Homer
Achilles – Danny Kedem
Patroclus – Nick Lienesch
Agamemnon – Daniel Berger Jones
Menelaus – Ben Irvin
Odysseus – Dana DiMaio
Nestor – Blake Law
Calchas – Catherine Lambi
Ajax – Jenny Thrall
Diomedes – Aftan Freeman

Paris – Conrad Bukoski
Hector – Jeff Raub
Priam – Matt Herr
Aeneus – Paige Scoltock
Andromache – Melanie Fehrenbacher
Hecuba – Krissy Smith
Cassandra – Joellen Craft
Helen – Raven Austin

Apollo – Sam Stubbins
Zeus – Kip Adams
Poseidon – Jan Koelb
Hephaestus – Ben Sweezy
Hera – Barbie Murphy
Thetis – Catherine Dain
Athena – Chelsea Holzworth
Aphrodite & Briseus – Christa Carter

Atropos – Cece Garcia
Clotho – Rimma Kazantseva
Lachesis – Courtney MacKuen

Old Soldier – John Gillespie
Hick Soldier – Michael Mann
Killed Soldier – Neal Mullis
Aurora – Betsy Dawson

Stage Manager/Taylor – Alyson Newby

Nat Bailey, Rachna Batra, Elana Boehm, Britt Cloudsdale, Susanna Dawson, Tatiana Froldi, Lindsay Kilgore, Lindi Kistler, Brooke Lawrence, Shea McIntee, Tomas McIntee, Ellen Newby, Claire O’Shae, Victori Plyler, Janine Reda, Luisa Rojas, Satu Salonen, Desiree Sutton, Graham Terhune.

Sarah Frost, Laura Grant, Sarah Holstein, Maria Isayeva, Lyndsay Kelley, Maxi Loehmann, Amy Lowman, Laura Pyatt, Sarah Rader, Rebecca Reice, Liming Wang

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