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Holbrook Sessions – I’s Twinkle

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The Holbrook Sessions are the first videos from a collaboration with Ben Holbrook documenting work on I’s Twinkle.

Starring – Arielle Siegel, Emil McGloin, John Bennett, Trevor Strader, Alicen Hubert, and Nate Weida

Freakish Thing – from Purgatory / I’s Twinkle

Shoot Me Down – from Purgatory / I’s Twinkle

Leaving Home – from Hell / I’s Twinkle

58 Dead – From Purgatory / I’s Twinkle – lyrics by Patrick Link & Nate Weida

This evening was organized to soup up a grant application my friend Carlyn Cowen has been courageous enough to steer me through. My friends were nice enough to film and sing without A/C to get better sound quality.

Many thanks to all, especially Ben Holbrook for making these videos.

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