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I’s Twinkle

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I’s Twinkle

I’s Twinkle is an epic poem modeled after Dante’s Divine Comedy in its three parts, telling the story of a young man growing up in Reconstruction Era America—an artist figure who travels from the South northward. The style of the work gradually progresses from an epic poem to a play to a folk opera. It incorporates elements of New York and American history, mythology, philosophy, and theology. Whereas Dante’s Divine Comedy leads its protagonist on a spiritual journey, I’s Twinkle is an artistic one, chronicling the punishments and rewards of a life set towards the arts.

Words and Music by Nate Weida / Artwork by Jay Pluck


The work will be performed over three evenings, with each evening featuring different artwork and music. Each evening builds on the next:

The First Evening
is a poem performed by one person accompanied by a string band.
The Second Evening
is a play performed by up to 15 actors who sing and often play instruments.
The Third Evening
is an opera performed by up to 30 singers and dancers accompanied by an orchestra.

Ideally the work is viewed in sequence, however each evening is a self-contained episode of the larger narrative allowing for an audience member to view the work in any order.

Ashley Robinson performing the beginning of I’s Twinkle at Atlantic Theatre Company in 2009.

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