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The New Hopeville Comics (2001, 2002, 2009)

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The New Hopeville Comics is a rock opera about a comic book town struggling to survive after the death of their superhero ‘Perfect Man’. Developed in Greensboro NC and performed in the New York International Fringe Festival in 2002 and in New York again in 2009 at the Chernuchin Theatre.

***** 2009 Cast of The New Hopeville Comics – John Bennett, Terren Wooten Clarke, Carolyn Cole, Chris Critelli, Shannon DeVido, Sarah Hayes Donnell, Heather Dudenbostel, Christine Dwyer, Nick Gelona, Michelle Guadalupe, Wes Jetton, Shira Kobren, Patrick Link, Terra Mackintosh, Carl Conway Maguire, Jay Paranada, Aaron Phillips, J.T. Michael Taylor, John Wellington-Simon and Scott Lee Williams

Aaron Phillips as Felix performing “The Rebellion Song”

Christine Dwyer as April performing “Wanting Molly”

John Bennett as Rockenroll and Carolyn Cole as Miss Hopeville

***** The 2002 Cast of The New Hopeville Comics – at the NY International Fringe Festival – Josh Tyson, Jason Karn, Anne-Caitlin Donohue, Boise Holmes, Nate Weida, Tristan Yonce, Megan Lewis, J. Stuart Spencer, Kelly Krepelka, Dalmar Montgomery, Fred Rice, Pauline Cobrda, George Harrison Howell, Lianna Maier, Meredith Covington, Erin Maloney, Brett Parnell, Allen Rogers, Aaron Phillips, Carrie Plew

Band: Brian Kennedy, Dan Datiles, Emil McGloin, Michael Collings, Stacy Wilson, Michael Kuehn, Nate Weida, Brett Parnell

***** The 2001 Cast of The New Hopeville Comics – at Dana Auditorium in Greensboro, NC – Directed by Steve Royal, Choreography by Katie Kyle, Carrie Plew, Sidney Outlaw – Starring Jason Karn, Jennifer Odom, Megan Lewis, Dalmar Montgomery, Nate Weida, Ben Michael, Brett Parnell, Stuart Spencer, Nick Lyons, Andrea Evans, Phil Brubaker, Daphne Franklin, Laura Rummage, Madeline Mace, Don Weida, Steve Royal, Tom Nevels, Kelly Krepelka, Erin Maloney, Creighton Irons, Dave Parnell, Keydron Dunn, John Bennett, Laura Vincent, Allen Rogers, Aaron Phillips, Ryan Brown, Christina Bell, Sheena Earl, Brian Kennedy, Scot Weir

Orchestra: Conducted by Fred Rice – Scot Weir, Brian Kennedy, Nate Weida, Kenny Brown, Ross LaFluer, Brett Parnell, Dave Menestres, Joel Darden, Emily Blacklin, Katie Costello, Maria Kindt, Erin Klimstra, Brian Schofield, Mike Hengst, Andy Roberts, Sam Thomas,

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